Of course the “Useful Idiot” who gives a free ride to the nations of the world gets a warm hello.
It’s called “baksheesh” or “bribes.”
You make out you like me, I give you money and pay your bills.
The perception of this president is that he is a spendthrift with OPM (Other Peoples Money)—namely ours.
6.3 trillion dollars
The debt added by previous presidents combined from George Washington (1789) through George Bush (2008).
6.5 trillion dollars
The debt added by president Obama alone (first term).
Barack Hussein Obama, a Shiite Muslim, empowered Iran, a Shiite Muslim nation that supports terrorism so they can become the new Shiite Muslim Caliphate.
He shipped them $1.3 billion in cash.
Isn’t aiding an abetting the enemy a crime?
He knifed Israel in the back by releasing $221 million to the Palestinians who use the money for rockets, bomb, guns and armaments to wipe out Israel as they note in their charters,
Obama conned us into thinking he is a black Christian, while he is really a full-fledged black Shiite Muslim.
He conned us all,