Month: November 2016

Dear Black Folks

Dear Black Folks, Keep Calm, it’s alright to have passports and get strapped up. However it has been 35 to 38 racists white presidents before Donald Trump and 5 to 7 more black presidents before Obama from Lincoln, Hanson and etc. No matter what our ancestors went through they fought back rather mentally, spiritually, physically,

So are y’all ready for

So are y’all ready for? BLACK Unity Black Economic Stop petty beef Get Mo Money.. Mo Money Mo Rebuild the Black Family Destroy White Supremacy Are you sure…Most Nigga ain’t ready watch the stupid post and beef you see going on starting today…These White racists republican smiling while y’all still got the mind set of


Okay, for all of my Boise friends who don’t care about baseball, this is gonna be a great event. For those who do care about baseball, this is how it’ll go: you’ll watch the first couple of innings, get all worked up, come see me give an absolutely riveting talk/reading in a super cool art