Month: April 2017

A brother Wrote dis

A brother Wrote dis,nd I tink dis is 1 of d best write up I have seen dis Year….. WESTERN EDUCATION “OBSESSION”!!! . #EFFECTS 1) As soon as a child becomes a year old, we start buying toys for him or instilling the love of pictorial objects or cartoons into him… 2) The mother begins

“One day

“One day, Death encountered a man and told him: – Today’s your last day. The man replied: – But I am not ready! Death said: – Your name is at the top of my to-do list for today. The man said: – Alright then… before you take me along, let’s sit together and have one

Dear men of Facebook

Dear men of Facebook. If you are looking to send me a friend request because I look lonely and single- don’t. I am single, but I am not lonely. I will also never, ever send you money. Just save yourself some time right there and move along.


PRESIDENT BUHARI, AGAIN, LISTEN….. Let me update you on a little bit of history about a few things that happened in the National Assembly: Between 1999 and 2003 the following happened: 1. President Obasanjo imposed Senator Evan(s) Enwerem as Senate President on all the senators, but when the media – yes, the media – exposed