Month: May 2017

My fellow Water Protectors

My fellow Water Protectors, it IS time to mobilize – it is up to US! Those I stood along side on the Front lines and fought with for Standing Rock, we need you! NOW! There have been *9,000* children poisoned by lead in Flint, Michigan now from their only water source. They’ve not had water


“Well, what I was hoping,” Jasmine went on, fiddling with one of her abraxas rings, “was that you’d look after it. Hide it for a few days. Just till things get sorted out, like, that’s all.” “Till what things get sorted out, darling?” Priny asked. “Well, you know, who did what, like, and that …”


TEACHERS-What are you doing this summer? What if I could help you earn a few extra hundred dollars each month while sitting poolside? Or from anywhere?! Since Rodan+Fields comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, you can try it out over the summer and see if it’s a fit for you. If by the end

Consistency pays off in many things

Consistency pays off in many things, including excellent skin care. April is aging backwards! I love being able to help so many others do the same!! -REDEFINE has taken the fine lines and wrinkles away. -REVERSE has removed the dark spots. -AMP MD Roller has firmed up her skin. -Multi-Function Eye Cream has taken away

Quick question

Quick question… If I were to offer a pre-order bundle of all five upcoming Crystal Lake Publishing anthologies (eBook formats) for $11, who would be interested? That includes: TWICE UPON AN APOCALYPSE BEHOLD TALES FROM THE LAKE VOL.4 C.H.U.D. LIVES! WHERE NIGHTMARES COME FROM All money will be used to pay authors (with the editors

Today is the day

Today is the day! You can officially get your hands on the Active Hydration Serum! You may be thinking, “I already have a moisturizer…isn’t that enough?” NO! Here is why: Moisturizers RETAIN but hydrators ATTRACT. Active Hydration Serum pulls water from the air to PLUMP UP your cells by up to 200% in the first