Month: July 2017

I know

I know, I know….I post these side by side pics and you are waiting to see this crazy transformation from one week to the next. Well guess what! That’s not life. You dont decide to earn extra money, work for a week and all of a sudden your debt is paid off. You don’t decide


So, there will be difficult days ahead. Excess pride and vanity within us we seek to diminish, while steadily increasing in our ability to believe… This is not a sermon, rather, thoughts regarding existential preservation. From belief, arises all of our desire-attention-focus. Times like these are why we were taught the importance of belief, and

Henry David Thoreau

Henry David Thoreau (Sounds like he’s talking to at least forty or so % of us today) “What right do you have to enter into compact w yourself that you will do this or so, against the light that is within you? Is it for you to make up your mind to form any resolution

By all accounts

By all accounts, what should have been the Trial of the Century is over, blitzed, kaput. Now that Atty General Jeff Sessions has taken Manhattan’s money laundering case involving V. Putin, all the Russian Oligarchs and the Simian- in- Chief along with other racketeers and flushed it by giving the Russians a $6,000,000 settlement, do

Our Election and therefore our Democracy

Our Election and therefore our Democracy; yes, our beloved Nation, was and still is under severe attack. The partisan agenda our own seek to now forward, seems designed to thoroughly break America’s great back. Why proceed we through the thick, dark forest of injustice, as if the Republi-Bear ain’t trying to derail us from our

“Mr or Mrs Legislator

“Mr or Mrs Legislator, Who art thou, when thy purpose leads thee to Washington, to represent me? Who is the American, that cares not for the meaning of the evidence? If mutual belief is the prerequisite for human cooperation, then, the future must be compassion, and a civil conversation. Because, quite simply, when the desire-attention-focus

Wall Street Journal legal correspondent

Wall Street Journal legal correspondent, Ashby Jones, announced last week that the WSJ’s “Law Blog” launched in 2006 and after 20,000 posts was shutting its doors effective immediately. Law Blog’s closure doesn’t signal much when it comes to law firm law blogs. If anything, it suggests law blogs are stronger today. No question, the WSJ’s