Am I the only one

Am I the only one? Does anyone else notice that the spokesman for Jesus Christ you see on TV are all idiots and impossible to listen to without feeling sickened? I’m talking about those televangelists you see on TV early in the morning or especially on Sunday morning. They stomp about ranting and raving all sweated up when they aren’t asking for you to send them money as the people sitting in the pews shout Hallulujah with their eyes glazed, closed or half shut. How can anyone watch that stuff? The whole Christianity thing has turned me off all my life and made me reject religion in general so I pretty much turned toward Buddhism which never made a claim that God existed one way or the other but focused instead on what is and what is not important in life and the proper way to conduct ones’s self. So, I am not into Jesus Christ and haven’t been for many years and I don’t think I ever was really into it. But I studied science and I recently put it altogether, seeing there is a pattern of intelligent design. The men I look to for evidence of God are not Jim Baker, Jerry Swaggart, those guys on those Sunday morning shows, the Pope and certainly not Jesus Christ. They just turn me off. The guys I look to for evidence of God, I look past and all that and to Albert Einstein, Neils Bohr, Max Plank, Edwin Hubble and many others. I think if you want to find evidence of God, you won’t find evidence of God in church, the Bible or on those Sunday morning TV preachers, but at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Penn State or where I went – the Rochester Institute of Technology and other such schools or staring out through the Hubble Telescope. I have often read people posting their religious beliefs and now you have read mine.