Be on the look out for a Black Dodge truck with Sport written on the side. Would be a king or extend cab truck. It is driven by a white male described as short, overweight (fat) and bald. With 2 Mexican Males in the back seat no one in the passenger seat. They believe people are being put out to scout the homes before taking things from them. Taking place during the day as well as the night.
They were seen yesterday Tuesday 1-22 in the McDonald Church area. Two people ran them off from their property and they were not located when the Sheriff Dept arrived.
Last week they got ran off from a residence on Winchester Road was also spotted the same night near Robert Kemps. Last Wednesday night they stole a kid’s go-cart from Daniel Bragg’s residence. This information is from combined shared posts.
If anyone has information about them or sees them contact the Screven County Sheriff Office @ 564 2013 or 911
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