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Our Election and therefore our Democracy

Our Election and therefore our Democracy; yes, our beloved Nation, was and still is under severe attack. The partisan agenda our own seek to now forward, seems designed to thoroughly break America’s great back. Why proceed we through the thick, dark forest of injustice, as if the Republi-Bear ain’t trying to derail us from our

“Mr or Mrs Legislator

“Mr or Mrs Legislator, Who art thou, when thy purpose leads thee to Washington, to represent me? Who is the American, that cares not for the meaning of the evidence? If mutual belief is the prerequisite for human cooperation, then, the future must be compassion, and a civil conversation. Because, quite simply, when the desire-attention-focus

Taking a note: “The secret of healing lies in exploring our wounds in order to discover what is really there

Taking a note: “The secret of healing lies in exploring our wounds in order to discover what is really there. When we allow the experience—creating space and acceptance for it—we find that our suffering is not a static, monolithic thing, but rather it is composed of many elements, including our attitudes toward it. It will


POLITICO Magazine Jill Stein Isn’t Sorry By BEN SCHRECKINGER June 20, 2017 The Green Party candidate has no regrets, even as Democrats accuse her of helping elect Donald Trump and cozying up to Vladimir Putin. Had a few thousand votes in key Midwestern states gone to Hillary Clinton instead of Jill Stein, many on the

The Seattle Times June 19

The Seattle Times June 19, 2017 at 10:10 pm Seattle mother of 4 shot by police was getting mental-health help, records show By Mike Carter Charleena Lyles was shot by two officers after reporting a burglary Sunday. According to interviews and court records, almost everyone in her life tried to get her help. Charleena Lyles,

This is all about $$$

This is all about $$$. That’s right. The Boxer VS. MMA is all about the freak show coin. Connor isn’t used to 10 ounce gloves. That weight wears on you, he’s not a boxer, he’s going to get cut apart unless he can land one big one for a knock out, but you think Mayweather

My son

My son, give me thine heart, and let thine eyes observe my ways. Proverbs 23:26. The Lord says to every one of you, “My son, give Me thine heart.” He sees your disorders. He knows that your soul is diseased with sin, and He desires to say to you, “Thy sins are forgiven.” The Great