By all accounts

By all accounts, what should have been the Trial of the Century is over, blitzed, kaput.
Now that Atty General Jeff Sessions has taken Manhattan’s money laundering case involving V. Putin, all the Russian Oligarchs and the Simian- in- Chief along with other racketeers and flushed it by giving the Russians a $6,000,000 settlement, do you think that some enterprising local Attorney General with an honest streak about him/her should attempt to prosecute this case on a local level just to get the information into the public eye if nothing else? Since it is already dead on a Federal level, surely there are some local statutes that could apply, one would think. Double jeopardy doesn’t attach because we can keep Alex Trebek in California and secluded from the case.
Seriously, do these criminals get a free pass just because Trumpanzee fired the man [Preet Bharara] who would have put him in clothing to match his complexion while he lived out the rest of his life in a 10×10 cage with no gold plumbing in sight?
Someone should act quickly if there are any options left because I can hear the shredders in Manhattan working 24/7 from my apartment in Lebanon, In along with the dingdingding of hard drives and thumb drives being zeroed out…..
Nah, Trumpanzee knew he got away with it the moment he fired Bharara.
I am surprised Sessions didn’t give the Russians the $6m, a sincere apology from the US for inconveniencing their drug and human slave trafficking efforts, and a dozen roses to each oligarch to show Trumpanzee’s eternal love for them.