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who wrote this song lol

who wrote this song lol? Take my money, my house, and my car…..cuz making love is all i want to do…..because i am feenin for you. nothing i want to do. spend my last dime for some time…because you are my joy. why cant they keep their stuff? #targetforgolddiggers #nobueno #jodeci #feenin #diaryofamadband.


LONG POST WARNING! Just watch the video if you don’t like reading, but know that it is only possible because of the people tagged here. Kyle Poldoski, Jennifer Hawkins Halker, Jaime SoNo, Bryan Irvin, Mandish Singh, John McRae Jr., Josh Hagar, & Mike There are no words in any language that hold enough weight to


MY BLACK PEOPLE Written by: Dwayne Collins aka Olafemi When I open my eyes, I see the beauty of the HEAVEN and the earth. I look in the mirror and see myself from the foundations of humankind to the thrones of kings and queens into the chains of slavery and now where WE are today.


Friends, I know this post is really long But its an uplifting story worth reading of 2 friends who helped me. Hello Friends: There are still good, amazingly kind people in this world and I happen to be friends with two such people here in Northern California. Most of you know that I have been


So, there will be difficult days ahead. Excess pride and vanity within us we seek to diminish, while steadily increasing in our ability to believe… This is not a sermon, rather, thoughts regarding existential preservation. From belief, arises all of our desire-attention-focus. Times like these are why we were taught the importance of belief, and

Henry David Thoreau

Henry David Thoreau (Sounds like he’s talking to at least forty or so % of us today) “What right do you have to enter into compact w yourself that you will do this or so, against the light that is within you? Is it for you to make up your mind to form any resolution