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Wives: Do not underestimate the power of a praying woman. The earnest fervent heartfelt prayer of a virtuous woman changes things. You may not have the physical strength to fight physical battles. Do not be discouraged. Believe that on your knees you’re a spiritual giant to reckon with. With God on your side and His

This morning

This morning, a friend of mine evaluated the state of affairs with me and my computer and asked Professor Enrique Gomez to look at it. He did. He came this morning and hauled my computer to WCU where it was tested. Professor Gomez contacted me to say that: my hard drive is about to die

In the twisted equation of our embattled nation

In the twisted equation of our embattled nation, the mathematical expression (read as freedom of expression) always equals zero when calculated by cunning colluders and alternative fact choosers. Forget science and objectivity, evidence and elegance. The square of truth’s hypotenuse doesn’t equal the sum of the square of liars and climate deniers. Equality and consciousness