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Ok, this is going to sound crazy but my new favorite thing is budgeting with YNAB and you have to try it! It completely changed the way I think about money, the way I spend money, and for the first time in—ever?—I’m not stressed. I have a plan. You will thank me later—don’t pass Go,

New article research:

New article research: What do you think / do when you see someone holding a sign asking for money? NOW What do you think if you see that same person day after day holding a sign asking for money? No judgement, No wrong answers, Just please share your opinion..

Last fall

Last fall, a reader sent me a 1945 edition of The Register, then the Santa Ana Register, that paid tribute to those from Orange County who died in World War II. We had it preserved for our archives and had images taken of the pages. Here are the 14 pages of the September 1945 Gold

I couldn’t take it anymore

I couldn’t take it anymore. I was missing him so much. Just the thought of holding him, the memories of his kiss, his voice. I needed Sam more than anything. A anchor in My heart, I actually felt as if I was going to drown in within Myself if I had to wait another day

• Of course the “Useful Idiot” who gives a free ride to the nations of the world gets a warm hello. It’s called “baksheesh” or “bribes.” You make out you like me, I give you money and pay your bills. The perception of this president is that he is a spendthrift with OPM (Other Peoples

Seat Cushions for Back Pain

Seat Cushions for Back Pain What To Avoid & Our Top Recommended Sitting Pain Say goodbye to back pain from poor sitting posture Are you looking for a way to relieve back pain and keep it away? An orthopedic seat cushion is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to do just that. Orthopedic

Day 747 of 1001 Days of Faces

Day 747 of 1001 Days of Faces, Two Hundred and Fifty-Four to Go. Here is Jo, who Vesta and I men at something like 5:45 this morning downtown. We’d been out and about for about twenty minutes, looking for someone to photograph. We’d met several people who we’d photographed in the past and seeing them