Color Trends in Fall/Winter 2015/2016

Do you know which color will be on trend this fall/winter season? If not, check below to get ideas on what will paint your new season wardrobes in the upcoming months.

1. Stormy Weather

The Stormy Weather hue is like an overcast day, gray and cool, however seems quite dependable and is literally constant, taking over the whole sky, blocking out the sun’s rays and leaving us in a rather “under the weather” mood. However, it can also come off as a strong color, signifying a protective spell, its power lying in the enduring blue-gray. This is like the calm before the storm really, a hue that makes bold statements in low voices, a boulder that the waters crash against by never move. It is the perfect color for the professional lady, who enjoys her position as CEO and needs to have her wardrobe reflect her inner strength, that immovable willpower that will ensure every obstacle will be overcome.

2. Dried Herb

While the olive green coloring of the Dried Herb hue was once used only for military and safari style garments, that khaki that really hits the spot and looks perfect when we go trekking through the woods and mountains, today it is a staple on the runways from New York to Milan, Paris and London. It is a sophisticated and chic color that brings a cool undertone to any garment while still showing it off as a strong piece. It is earthy and grounded, perfectly organic and reminds us of healthy activities.

3. Biscay Bay

Lush and elegant, the teal hue of Biscay Bay makes quite a splash on the runway as we see it take over quite a chunk of some collections. It is a beautiful cool touch against the warmer tones of the different hues used during the creation of the fall and winter pieces, adding the serenity that defines the blue hues with a very slight application of green that invigorates the color and makes it all the more magnetic to view. Think tropical waters and untapped oceans, the soothing notes of the waves hitting the beach sands, the confidence one feels when faced with such beauty and the sheer pleasure of knowing you can conquer those waters day in and day out.

4. Cashmere Rose

While roses certainly were a big part of the fall 2015 fashion trends utilized in the collections presented on the different Fashion Week runway shows, including Alexander McQueen’s rose crafter dresses, one in the Cashmere Rose style color actually (though it appears to be the dustier version) and the other in a bloody blackened red tone, the color was also quite popular throughout, a soft pink coloring that is rich in vision and quite chic in itself.

5. Reflecting Pond

The darker blues of the Reflecting Pond color were very much in during the fall/winter 2015-2016 runway shows. It was a constant and one, which we found to be quite alluring. Perhaps it was the fact that a clear pond with dark blue waters puts us into a contemplative mood, thoughtful and composed, still in meditation. It is a cool color, without any doubt to it, offering intrigue and chic sophistication, particularly when used on pantsuits. Chanel integrating this color as checked tweed within its collection, while also weaving in a few other hues.

6. Oak Buff

Think of gentle sunshine coming out after an especially fierce storm conquers the land. The slight rays bring with them a glimmer of hope for better days, calmer moments and a sliver of cheer. The Oak Buff coloring is as mellow and comforting as one can imagine, a rather warm shade despite the cool undertones, which inspires positive emotions. Giambattista Valli took a stab at including this color in his collection and came up with a lovely floral with knit combination, what with the soft zigzag lines making their way down the body of the tunic in Oak Buff and black and pink dusted white.

7. Marsala

The Marsala wine hue was named the Pantone color of the year 2015, inspiring a whole range of outfits by many a designer through the fall/winter collections. “Marsala enriches our mind, body and soul, exuding confidence and stability. Marsala is a subtly seductive shade, one that draws us into its embracing warmth,” states Executive Director of Pantone Colour Institute Leatrice Eiseman. It is a versatile color that is equally appealing to men and women, as are most of the other colors chosen to represent the fall and winter months of 2015, with a woody flavour to it and so much space for experimentation. Plus, as the “go-to” color for beauty, it had to be a hue that would flatter most skin tones, adding a lovely highlight to the cheeks and really turning into one of the loveliest, most captivating colors when turned into lacquer for nails.

8. Cadmium Orange

Since the late 1960s and the whole of the 1970s have been the biggest inspirations for the whole year, it seems only fit that Pantone declared Cadmium Orange as part of the trendiest colors for fall 2015. It is a color that offers with it a sense of optimism, a rather laid back desire to see the sun shine and knowing that it will be smiling right back at us. Maybe that is the hippie in us talking, but Cadmium Orange defines fun and fantasy for us and we will certainly take that when it comes! It is a playful color that brings out the youthful nature hidden within us all, no matter what our age, while still maintaining an air of sophistication, appealing to the masses and certainly gentle on the eyes. It is a warm color that does not burn you like the sunshine yellow or the pure orange pieces seen of late on the runways. Instead, it offer a relaxing atmosphere, reduces the amount of drama in our lives, yet is strong enough to stand on its own as a striking color used as a contrast among the layers presented.

9. Desert Sage

Green and grey combine to create a very cool and soothing color, known as the Desert Sage. It brings monks of the East to mind and moment of pure nothingness, when you meditate under the light drizzle of the rain and allow the summer warmth to ward away the chill of the water lightly falling over you. It is the perfect neutral coloring available within the fall/ winter 2015-2016 color trends, as timeless and unobtrusive as expected to be. It may appear to be as powerful as it is as a hue, but like the sleeping dragon, it holds an unparalleled beauty about it.

10. Amethyst Orchid

The jewel of the crown is what the Pantone color report for fall 2015 calls it, and a jewel color it certain is. Amethyst Orchid takes both a precious jewel and a flower, combining them to create such a lovely hue that even the violets are jealous. It is an intriguing color, one, which evokes a certain sense of calm along with its sensuality, kind of like a lazy Sunday morning spent under the covers with a lover.

Having ideas of what color you will go this fall right now? So what are you waiting for? Paint your wardrobe right away with such trendy color on the new season.