Day 747 of 1001 Days of Faces

Day 747 of 1001 Days of Faces, Two Hundred and Fifty-Four to Go.
Here is Jo, who Vesta and I men at something like 5:45 this morning downtown. We’d been out and about for about twenty minutes, looking for someone to photograph. We’d met several people who we’d photographed in the past and seeing them is always fun.
But other then the folks we see all the time, there wasn’t anyone out who’d let us take their photograph. We got eleven negative responses before we met Jo and her friends. We knew she or one of her friends would say yes, cuz young people always say yes.
Well, maybe not always, cuz we met three young people this morning, who were about as high as you can get. They were spacing to beat the band and when I approached them, this one girl says, “Hey, can I have five dollars.”
“Why not.”
“Cuz I’m not gonna give it to you.”
Needless to say we didn’t take their pictures. Now, she mighta been on a thousand and one drugs and stoned out of her mind, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I wouldn’t have given her any money, IF SHE’D’A BEEN POLITE.
We’ve met drunks, who can barely stand, ask us for money for just one more drink and you know what? They’re polite about it. Do we always give ‘em money cuz they’re polite? No, but sometimes, if we have some and if it doesn’t look like one more drink might kill ‘em. Same with people who are high. If you’re polite, you got a lot better chance of getting some money outta me and Vesta.
My point is, if you’re gonna beg, say please. Or at least come up with a line like you haven’t eaten in a couple days. We might know the reason you haven’t eaten is cuz you’re strung out, but heck give it some effort.
Anyway, we were glad we met Jo and were able to have a face to post this morning. Sadly, I forgot to give her a card, so she has no way to see her photo. So if you know her, please tag her.