Dear Black Folks

Dear Black Folks,
Keep Calm, it’s alright to have passports and get strapped up. However it has been 35 to 38 racists white presidents before Donald Trump and 5 to 7 more black presidents before Obama from Lincoln, Hanson and etc. No matter what our ancestors went through they fought back rather mentally, spiritually, physically, economically and emotionally. Notice black wall street, black inventors, doctors, lawyers, educators, Harlem renaissance, black Panthers, minister of defense, Gullah Warriors and etc… Remember fear is the greatest prison people are kept in and you can’t focus living in fear. Negative spirits feed of of confusion, drama and fear. So keep building, networking, uplifting each other, creating black economic and the most high. You are a great nation/tribe of people. SO fuck Trump get money, remain fearless, protect your people, live, life, laugh,love and continue to do what is right. Ye are gods and always overcome by any means necessary.
Sincerely yours,
Darryl Sutton