Dear friends

Dear friends,
The debt of gratitude
The delay in responding to yours is for obvious reasons. I was literally submerged by the avalanche, the outpouring of indescribable love and goodwill on March 25 – my birthday, all through the weekend.
At the last count, they numbered close to 500 on this page. To say nothing of hundreds on other platforms – Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, phone calls, visitations…
The glow, the warmth this provided me could not be matched even by the best fabric money can buy.
I began to wonder what I did to deserve all this. Even if the birthday cake I baked were sky-high, it could not have gone round to equal your generosity of spirit.
I am completely overwhelmed. Given how I treasure everyone of you, I took time to read all, one after the other, line by line, word by word.
I sincerely appreciate everything. I pray goodness and mercy shall be your portion too. I pray we shall all have cause to celebrate more, not mourn.
On behalf on myself and my family, I thank you all.
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