GRAD AND UNDERGRAD STUDENT PEEPS! Want to win up to $5k? And attend an amazing event to learn about renewable energy from experts in the field for FREE? Well, better act fast before “NO FEDERAL FUNDS?” And before midnight tonight when this application I’m about to talk about is due (oops sorry for not posting this sooner). On Feb 23-24, Berkeley Energy and Resources Collaborative aka BERC is hosting their 11th annual BERC Energy Summit and Innovation Expo, the premier and largest student-run energy conference on the West Coast. There’s a student poster session with the fancy title “Innovation Expo,” and it’s a really fun way to blab about your research and meet other awesome energy nerds blabbing about their research (testimony: I met the illustrious Fiona Kinniburgh at BERC summit 2014 and now she’s in Paris studying climate policy). Submit a quick lil abstract about your research for a free opportunity to win some free money (up to $5,000). Deadline is tonight at 11:59pm, can you think of a better way to spend your Friday night?