How to Choose a Quality Mink Coat

A mink coat is a timeless and luxurious fashion staple. If you’re making the monetary investment, take your time shopping to ensure that you find the right garment for you. The look and feel of a mink coat is important, so it’s best if you can see and feel the item before you make a final purchase decision.

How to Choose a Quality Mink Coat1

Turn the garment over. You will find a lining, which should showcase excellent tailoring. Under the lining you will find the leather underside of the hide. Examining the underside will provide key details about the overall quality of the garment. Check the craftsmanship of the hide to ensure that the seams are straight and tight. Generally, you will find thin strips of pelt of equal size, sewn together. The seams should be perfectly parallel to each other, without hair sewn into the seams. You should find no gapping or uneven seams. The hems along the bottom edge of the jacket and the sleeves should be even and straight. Tug on the hide gently and you should feel a slight give in the leather. If the apparel does not match these criteria, you can deduce that it is of inferior quality. Inferior quality goods should have a lower price than higher quality goods.

How to Choose a Quality Mink Coat2

Try on the mink coat to see how it feels on you. As you wear it, it should hang straight and even from your shoulders. Look in the mirror to ensure that the hems are straight while you’re wearing the apparel. Assess the weight of the coat for comfort. Some garments can be heavier than others and it’s important to buy one that feels comfortable for you.

Check the mink coat to learn where it was manufactured. A garment made in North America or Europe will be of much higher quality than one made in China. You will find coats bearing designer labels are more expensive than ones without a popular name brand. Some designers carry heftier price tags than others do.

A quality mink coat should also have a pelt label on the inside. Pelt labels guarantee that a garment meets a specific minimum standard. The best pelt labels include North American Fur Association, American Legend Mink Cooperative, and Saga Furs. Pelt labels with these names indicate that a fur contains mink from specific sources that maintain higher quality than other sources.

Careful shopping will help you choose the best quality you can afford so your outerwear will last for years and stay beautiful