I can’t believe I can eat this and stay on track it was so ∂єℓι¢ισυѕ

I can’t believe I can eat this and stay on track it was so ∂єℓι¢ισυѕ, even Keegan kept wanting more . Lately, I’ve been trying to do even more soul searching and learning to listen and love my body. I’m beginning to realize it’s so important to listen to your body when it’s trying to tell you something. If your hungry ➡️ eat. If your craving something ➡️ have a little. If you don’t feel right ➡️ take a rest day. You need to listen to уσυя body, just because something works for someone else doesn’t mean it’ll work for you. The nutritional guide I have been following has given me such a great foundation to continue on my health journey and learn about so many different nutritional ways of living. It has opened my eyes up to so many different aspects of health and what it means and not just healthy eating. The journey that I’m on is lifelong so torturing myself with minimal food and endless exercise is not a sustainable choice. I exercise 30 minutes a day, sometimes 60 {but that’s my choice} because I’ve actually learned to like exercise ‍♀️it lifts my mood so much and makes me so much more understanding and not on edge all the time. And I fuel my body with the nutrients it иєє∂ѕ to support the exercise I am doing . The past month I was slipping in the kitchen but I’m human and I’m totally back on track .
If your ready to love yourself, mind and body and ready to change your life, come on this journey with me. Dedicating our next challenge 7/3 to loving yourself inside and out and listening to what your body’s trying to tell you. Message me . http://bit.ly/JoinMegan
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