I know activists on both sides argue about this

I know activists on both sides argue about this, with one side pointing to areas where the ice is thinning and the other side pointing to where ice is at record levels. But the fact is that this is a wash as the melting is offset by roughly an equal amount of re-freezing. Yes, much of the Arctic has experienced melting that has opened up shipping lanes (and thats a BAD thing?) and the western shelf of Antarctica has been melting for several years (thanks to underwater volcanic activity directly below it), but the rest of the Arctic and Antarctica have had record re-freezing to balance it out. All of this is well within normal historical cyclical parameters and not unusual in the slightest. So while the climate activists mock and condescend, remember that many of them have a huge financial stake in industries that would benefit from government climate intervention, and these people would stand to make multi billions of $$$, which is why they will not give up and the mocking and apocalyptic fear-mongering will continue. Then 10-20 years from now, when all the beachfront properties are no closer to the water than they are now, and the poles are still covered with ice, maybe then the world will slowly begin to realize that they’ve been lied to for political and financial reasons, not science.