I read this post on Facebook and it really was an amazing post explaining SPLIT vs

I read this post on Facebook and it really was an amazing post explaining SPLIT vs. NET. So many agents get hung up on the split and at Kurz RE – we feel like we give enough to warrant our required splits and at the range it goes. Very good read! I had a conversation with an agent once that told me they are at a 100% commission company – so why would they move? I asked, “How much did you close last year?” and he said $2M. I said – okay that equats to about $60k. What if I told you I would put you on a 50% split and you will make $100k+ with me – would you come. He said NO! So that was pretty much the end of our conversation. Of course I tried to explain he would be making more money but it wasn’t getting through to him. He was completely hung up on the split. Never mind that we offer training, consulting, coaching, systems, advisors, teams, environment, culture, exposure and so much more…. He just couldn’t fathom “giving up” so much! GIVING UP???
Thanks Jeff Glover for getting this out there! This should be on Inman.com so reach out to them and get this published ASAP. Let me know if you need the contact.
Higher Net or Higher Split?
Over the years I have witnessed or have been involved in many conversations with agents that are constantly chasing or looking for a company that will give them a higher “split”. Anytime I get asked what my thoughts are on that, I sort of chuckle inside and think to myself “boy (or girl) do you have a lot to learn”. You see the question you should be asking the broker or leader of a company is not ” what is my split?” but instead it should be “what is my net?” And, quite frankly, net doesn’t always have to mean money. The veterans and mature business people understand that “net” is more important than “split”. Time and time again I see agents that make a decision to leave a successful company or team to “do their own thing” or to “have their own company” and what I observe is in 90+% of those cases, the agent actually ends up netting less money or even worse, spending less time with their family (and less money). I heard a long time ago from one of my first mentors that you can feed your ego or you can feed your family…pick one! So what does “net” actually mean? Here are the 5 reasons why net is more important than split, in no particular order:
#1 – Your taxable income at years end. Not what your 1099 says, but your income minus your expenses. This is an important one because many agents who chase a higher split are so desperate in their attempt to find it that they forget to calculate what everything else will cost them. You see, if you are paying a split to a company, you are generally getting something in return. If a company offers a higher split to the agent, there’s no money to offer anything in return, thus increasing your actual expenses. I’ll never forget a conversation with an agent a few years ago…he was sitting in front of me asking what his “split” would be given his years of experience. Of course, he asked in an entitled way expecting that he should be favored. Before I responded, I asked him what his current split is and he responded with “I pay my broker 15k and after that I get 100%.” I said okay that’s fair and then asked him what his GCI was last year and he responded proudly with “$140,000”. I of course congratulated him and then asked if he pays taxes and of course his response was “yes” so I followed it up by asking him what his taxable income is after paying all his expenses and he responded with (and of course not as proudly) “$72,000″. I said okay great and then pointed out to him that he’s essentially on a 50/50 split and of course he then started to shrink in his chair and finally got it and said okay “what would my net be here?”….he started to understand what it means to be a business person.
#2 – Your ability to learn and grow. I have yet to find a discount broker that also offers a training and coaching program designed to increase your net. Want to know why? Because it doesn’t matter how much you sell, they will never make more so what’s the incentive for them to make sure you succeed? That’s right, there isn’t one. I know some of you may laugh at this one but you actually want to be with a company that has a vested interest in every transaction you do…whats amazing about that is you’ll actually do more because of the support, thus increasing your net.
#3 – Your support and help resources. I don’t care whether you’ve completed 100 or 1000 transactions, you will always have a situation where you need questions answered or help with a task. Generally speaking, companies that offer a higher split have a very lean budget and therefore one of the first positions to go or not get filled at all is in the support department. Salaries are the number one cost of a successful Real Estate company and if there’s no money to pay talented staff, unfortunately you are on your own.
#4 – Your conversion rates will net you more money. Think about this…if you are with a company or team that no one has heard of (and all the studies under the sun say that consumer relates better to companies they recognize) then do the math. If you go on ten appointments with a “no name” and ten with a name that is recognizable, will your percentage of contracts signed be higher? Of course it will! You could go from getting 5 out of 10 to 7 out of 10 just from that alone. Pretty sure if you do the math on an extra few contracts, per ten at bats, your net will be higher.
#5 – You can actually get more of your time back, which is the ultimate “net”! Solo agents or agents with companies that promote high splits just simply do not have the resources to provide the world class systems and people that are there to help you be more efficient. The nice thing is, once you decide what you want to net, you can actually work smarter and not harder because all of the systems and people have been trained to make your life easier and ultimately give you back more time! So what is your time worth? $30/hour? $50/hour? $100/hour? Regardless of your answer, I betcha it’s worth more than an extra 10 or 20 percent!
Those are my thoughts for this Wisdom Wednesday, I hope you take them into consideration and more importantly, start thinking like a mature business person and not an amateur agent starving for more commission. I didn’t even get into the lead generation advantages, that would have made it six reasons and I wanted to keep it to five :). The moral of the story is…are you making the right decision based on your net or are you making the decision based on your ego?