Just an fyi if anyone has plantar warts/corns

Just an fyi if anyone has plantar warts/corns… I’ve had this on the ball of my foot for the better part of 20 yrs. Ive used the little pads that are supposed to remove them, liquids, tape… you name it I tried it. About 2 months ago I started putting clove oil essential oil (young living) on it once a day or when I remembered. It was twice this size and pretty painful (that’s my index finger next to it). It’s now shrunk quite a lot and does not go as deep as it did and little to no pain. I only applied the clove oil for about 3 wks pretty steady… then every few days. I’m applying again tonight and will do it daily until it’s gone completely. Just thought I’d throw it out there in case anyone else had the same issue and nothing was working to get rid of them. I’m not a salesman so feel odd even posting this in case someone thinks I’m trying to sell Young Living oils. I can, but it’s generally for just my own use or my family/friends.