LONG POST WARNING! Just watch the video if you don’t like reading, but know that it is only possible because of the people tagged here. Kyle Poldoski, Jennifer Hawkins Halker, Jaime SoNo, Bryan Irvin, Mandish Singh, John McRae Jr., Josh Hagar, & Mike There are no words in any language that hold enough weight to express just how much gratitude I have for each of you. This. This is everything. About a month ago, I saw my precious, furry baby pleading in the hospital for me to keep my promise that I’d never give up on her. After thousands of dollars and making a new commitment of caring for a disabled dog, including (but not limited to) long term treatments, I was hopeful, yet worried. Money comes and goes; it’s just some stupid pieces of paper that never meant much to me in the grand scheme of things anyway. Furthermore, I knew that disabled does not mean incapable. As long as she was happy living this life (and she proved she was), I could absolutely give her all the love she needs to adjust. Never would I consider my best friend a burden. I posted on Snapchat, however, trying to come to terms with it all and take it in stride. I asked around for information on cheap/used wheelchairs for large dogs. Countless people offered advice and genuine words of support and help. What I ultimately got in return was so much more than I ever could’ve asked for. The next day, Podo messaged me saying that several people in the Vine community were coming together to raise the money for Sparkle’s new set of wheels. I bawled tears of joy the rest of that evening, completely overtaken by their kindness. This Labor Day Weekend, I was able to walk side by side with my best friend again. I got to watch her run across acres of open space with her ears flapping and her tongue flopping in pure bliss. I witnessed, for the first time in a long time, that big toothy smile she wears when she feels the wind on her face. The both of us were in a state of unencumbered happiness, and I owe it to all of you. Your incredibly generous gesture and overwhelming compassion left me speechless. Vine helped me in a lot of ways, and even after it no longer exists, the community is still very much alive and incomparable to anything else. You are all proof of that. Thank you a million times forever for helping to save the life of this precious soul that saved mine. Sparkle and I love you and appreciate you dearly.