Melissa’s Trailblazers Top 10 by the 20th

Melissa’s Trailblazers Top 10 by the 20th
Every month I watch my team build toward their future and this month is no different! It just blows my mind that this team which started as 1(me) a year and a half ago is now almost 60 members strong and growing!!!
What if one yes could change YOUR life?
What if this actually could be the change that you are looking for?
What if you could experience time and financial freedom and really live life on your own terms?
What if you partnered with the doctors who created Proactiv over 20 years ago? Where would you be now?
I don’t have to live with those “WHAT IF’S” and neither are these incredible women, our top 10 in sales by the 20th! They are proof that all it takes is Wi-Fi and a dream!
I’m so grateful for each and everyone of them who said “yes”. Congratulations to you all!