Men’s Fashion: Top Tips For A Night Out With The Lads

Whether on the weekend or weekday, a night out with the lads is a fine way to spend a few hours; whether it’s for a quick drink or otherwise. Getting the lads together is never a problem, deciding on what to do and where to begin is just as easy to but what about having the right gear to wear?
A night out with the lads is always just a bit of fun but it can all go horribly wrong and end up a massive disaster if you haven’t got the right outfit. Sounds a bit drastic but think “The Inbetweeners”; you don’t really want to be that sort of guy having that sort of night out?

Top Tips For A Night Out With The Lads
The stuff you wear sets up your image and naturally you’re going to want the perfect one to ensure your night goes smoothly; you don’t want to be the guy that everyone looks at for all the wrong reasons.
Whatever you have planned; keep the following points in mind in order to avoid any potential fashion disasters…

  • Flash- Unless you’re heading to the Mayfair, keep in mind that a lads night isn’t exactly going to ooze class. If it’s anything like the places I know; the floor will be sticky and you may end up with JD down your top so avoid chucking on your classy gear. Keep it simple; for me a check shirt does the job but whether it’s designer clothing or something High Street; keep it simple.
  • Copy Cats- In my personal opinion Rudimental are one of the best styled bands around but that doesn’t mean that I’d copy every single look. Taking a theme, a general tone or just one specific item can work just fine but if you roll up looking like Kanye West straight from the Grammy’s you’ll be the lad everyone remembers but I doubt it will be for the reasons you want.
  •  Environment- My pet peeve is going into a club and seeing someone dressed like they’re in a different country. Knowing your environment is a cardinal rule when dressing for a night out with the lads. Every club and every city has a different environment… a Hawaiian shirt will only work in Hawaii… not in Bilston.

The lads night out is a staple part of any man’s lifestyle and can add the perfect end (or even beginning) to any week but getting the right image can play a big part in how well the night goes. Whether you’re a simple high street lad or love your designer gear; we live in an age where what we wear is now noticed as much as women so it’s time to start paying a little closer attention to the gear you step out in.
Get it right, or risk being the guy that no one wants to be seen with!