More Democratic defections on the Gorsuch nomination

More Democratic defections on the Gorsuch nomination. This is unacceptable and these jerks need to know there will be consequences for folding.
I sent the following (by free fax to Donnelly, Heitkamp, and Manchin, who were the same three Dems who voted to approve Pruitt for EPA:
Dear Senator Heitcamp, You are voting to confirm Gorsuch to a life-long seat on the Supreme Court? Really? This is a guy who will tip the balance of the court way to the right when it comes to critical issues like right to choose, gay rights, personal freedom, and free and fair elections. Not to mention the seat was stolen by McConnell and Trump who got to the White House without majority support via nefarious means will likely be impeached. Why does he get to make this appointment?
Where is your commitment to core Democratic principles? Caving to Trump on this vote is spineless…if you are worried about re-election you should first consider how you will even make it onto the ballot as a Democrat. Support and money from across the nation will pour in to ensure that doesn’t happen. I urge you to reconsider.