Written by: Dwayne Collins aka Olafemi
When I open my eyes, I see the beauty of the HEAVEN and the earth. I look in the mirror and see myself from the foundations of humankind to the thrones of kings and queens into the chains of slavery and now where WE are today. It is not a funny matter, the progress WE have made. Yet the unsuccessful livings that have been given for us to live are still keeping us down.
Throwback history in February and give celebrations to very few people and dates of our great transformations from slaves to politicians, millionaires and in every field of prominence there are Black People paving a path that not many, if any, of us will follow. The strongest history of Black Pride instituted in the hardest of times, making life for Black People so easy that WE would rather allow the government to fund our lives than to own corporations that will employ each and every Black Child coming out of the lying institutions of education.
WE spend our time supporting worthless organizations, religiously and politically and socially, that won’t even clean up the neighborhoods of crime, drugs and unemployment. WE give back to white supremacy saying that WE don’t support it. WE would rather integrate than to lift up the Spirits of our own Black Brothers and Black Sisters. Everybody reading this knows what I’m saying in these words
WE bring our Black Children up on the same lies that keeps us enslaved thinking that they will come up better than WE did. All the greatness of our history and WE live day to day giving homage to lies that won’t even admit to TRUTH. WE can’t rid ourselves of these lies even after being scholastically, archeologically, and ecologically told that there is no letter “J” in the Hebrew Language and the bible was based on the history of Hebrew (Black) People.
WE wait until death enters before WE recognize life. Prophets, inventors, educators, entertainers and the smartest Black Children in the world are made to look worthless in the eyes of the world, as well as our own Black Eyes, until death comes creeping at the door. Then out of the wood works come protest and boycotts begging for support but not caring if WE support their motives or not.
WE are the sorriest Great People in the world. WE have the largest continent in the world and WE allow outsiders to enter, defacing our burial grounds and stealing ancient relicts and becoming rich off the labor and deaths of our Black Brothers and Black Sisters. And WE don’t even recognize that WE are of African Decent even by African People. WE are made to think that WE are a minority, when TRUTH proves that every race of people come from the Blood of our Black People. Let that cultivate in your mind.
There is a reason for the slander and the deformation of our Black Culture and it is not because of our skin color. It is because of our ability to LOVE as WE were created to do. WE are having the LOVE taken away from us so that there will be no LOVE in the world. No matter what WE have been through, WE are able to find LOVE somewhere in our oppression and keep growing strong.
As long as, WE express the same hatred as our oppressors, the world will never be at Peace. Our joy brings joy to the world. WE are feared because if our happiness smiles on the world, the entire world will be happy and smile back. Know that devils will never be happy. And though I write Black People, WE are not counted by our skin color but by the minds that know of the lies that have separated, raped and divided us. WE are the CHILDREN OF ALMIGHTY GOD YAHWEH. Find TRUTH! And Unite.