My Experience

My Experience
A JJC for the second time? Yes, I was. JJC (Johnny Just come) was a terminology used before the late 1970s within the Nigerian Society in the UK to name-tag immigrants newly entering the country. I don’t know of now! The new Nigerian immigrants are easily identified amongst other things, by these yardsticks- mode of dressing, physical appearance, behavioural altitude, norms and values etc.
Although I have surpassed these yardsticks with my second coming, my identification is not by third party but self-identification! Before this dispensation, I had been advised by members of my family and friends to take a leave of rest to re-visit the country that i departed 41 years ago and also to update my knowledge and awareness but i had always been obsessed with the notion ‘’I can’t go back there. What For?’’ I now realise that the advice given to me are well-meaningful.
I found myself being a ‘’foreigner’ in a land that I previously had a vast knowledge of. I became ‘’Alice in wonderland’’. I was astounded with what I saw! A lot of things had taken place. There have been catapulted technological, commercial, infrastructural, financial changes and so on. The country is continuously forward-marching. I was astounded! All my previous knowledge about the UK had become totally outdated
The question now arise, ‘’would I become a JJC for the third time’’? God forbid. Will not be long before coming back. Psalm 118:17(KJV) says ‘’I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord’’. Amen!