My fellow Water Protectors

My fellow Water Protectors, it IS time to mobilize – it is up to US! Those I stood along side on the Front lines and fought with for Standing Rock, we need you! NOW! There have been *9,000* children poisoned by lead in Flint, Michigan now from their only water source. They’ve not had water since 2014! We stood there and fought for the future of the water in the Dakotas and the future of our children… and it is TIME, past time, that we stand for these people too. I’m tagging everyone I know that spent time in SR, donated their time, money, or materials, and took interest in the crisis there. What we didn’t want to happen to the water there, HAS happened to these ppl. I know many of you are tired from fighting that fight, I know that many of you are facing legal charges from your efforts to protect the water and people of S.R., I know many of you have traveled far away, so I get if you can’t invest time on this now, but maybe you can connect us to ppl who can! It is Native American prophecy that US, this 7th generation, hold the torch for the water. Don’t forget, WE are the ones we have been waiting for! <3 Also, does anyone know what happened after the plumbers left Flint? I can't find any information about it, just reports that those men had NEVER seen pipes like those in 30+ years of plumbing. Why aren't they reporting this nationally, globally? Because the majority are African American or some are poor? Because politicians don't want to look bad? I'm furious. Look at this water (pics in comments) that has been like this for 3 years. What do we need to do? I'm sick of waiting around and watching children DIE to make others comfortable. If anyone has ANY ideas, any connects or contacts in Flint, or can think of better solutions than sending them more toxic bottled water, I am ALL ears!!! They gave them filters and they don't work. Help me, help them! Please! We may have not beaten the government in Standing rock, and we probably won't beat them here, but we can maybe at least bring relief to these ppl in the trenches... or at the very least show them some of us out here actually give a shit about them! Anyone?! #FlintWaterCrisis #uptoUS #help #seventhgeneration