Oh, what a surprise: conservative corporate shills put profit above safety! In every country, the UK, Japan, France…
“King (Ronnie King, a chief fire officer for 20 years) is honorary secretary of the all-party parliamentary fire safety and rescue group, which brings together politicians and fire and construction experts. It does its best to lobby ministers for changes and improvements, to enhance safety in all types of buildings, whether tower blocks housing hundreds of families such as Grenfell Tower, or other publicly owned spaces such as schools, hospitals or care homes.
In recent years, however, it has struggled to get its voice heard by Conservative ministers who have prioritised the need to save money and deregulate, and – in the view of experts – relegated safety issues down their list of concerns.”
Solution: throw out capitalism, and organize ourselves in a way that has as its central thing the question ‘Is this plan good for people?’.. rather than ‘is this plan good for profit?’.
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