The Health Care Vote

The Health Care Vote, Not To Be Forgotten: “Sister Carol Keehan, DC, the president of the Catholic Health Association of the United States, was unequivocal in her opposition. “The recent amendments to the bill, intended to make it more palatable to those who did not support it initially, are even more disastrous for people who


WHAT’S DRIVING YOU? Sometimes we can hear or read about someone making a name for themselves doing something we could do just as well or even better. The temptation is to feel a pang of regret or even jealousy, and perhaps launch into doing it ourselves. It could be writing poetry, singing, writing a novel,

A brother Wrote dis

A brother Wrote dis,nd I tink dis is 1 of d best write up I have seen dis Year….. WESTERN EDUCATION “OBSESSION”!!! . #EFFECTS 1) As soon as a child becomes a year old, we start buying toys for him or instilling the love of pictorial objects or cartoons into him… 2) The mother begins

Am I the only one

Am I the only one? Does anyone else notice that the spokesman for Jesus Christ you see on TV are all idiots and impossible to listen to without feeling sickened? I’m talking about those televangelists you see on TV early in the morning or especially on Sunday morning. They stomp about ranting and raving all