There are plenty of things to look forward to in a new year. For one, it always comes with the hope of happiness. We get another chance to start new things and plan to progress […]

Anne D., a teacher for over forty years, has begun to think about retirement. She continues to inspire her students-young women of color-to read contemporary literature which broadens their experience and insight into life. Anne’s […]

What does a woman love? Well, many things. Anything beautiful can catch the interest of a woman today. However, there are some things that just top the list. From designer apparel to fashionable footwear and […]

Fashion of women, since ages, has been subject to change. These changes have been the leading factors when it comes to bringing in new trends. Sometimes, the changes happen backwards. Studies suggest that in every […]

Thanks to the successful transitions of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and Victoria Beckham from celebrities to full-fledged fashion designers respected by the style community at large, the idea that an actress/singer/what-have-you might credibly make some clothes has […]

EVERYONE tells their parents that they are uncool, but David Beckham‘s children just don’t practice what they preach. Eldest son Brooklyn may say he’s embarrassed by his dad, but his wardrobe says something else entirely. “With Brooklyn I […]

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