People need to be angry enough to do something impactful

People need to be angry enough to do something impactful. The most susceptible of Americans will die because companies will actively poison you. Those same susceptible people chose to put Trump in office. Flint was intentionally poisoned, fracking turns your water flammable, toxins WILL be put into lakes, streams, rivers, aquifers, soil, air; there will be nothing to stop it. The benevolence of industry is the fake news. It’s an insidious lie that allows for the working and middle classes of America to subsidize the billionaire corporate class. The States? Fu**ing please. We are supposed to be trekking forward not desperately rehabilitating a dying industry. Some states will be strict on pollution; companies will move their factories across state lines. Sound familiar?
Do you even know what you’ve done? Since you want to make abortion illegal and halt the advancement of the LGBT lifestyle in American society you have given subversive nationalists and ideological theocrats carte blanche to do anything they want. On top of that, it’s a collection of billionaires; greater insider-elitists than the ones you wanted “drained” from the swamp. So the top one-tenth of one percent, who have always been working against the rest of us, convinced us that they could and would rescue us from our grievances and are now reorganizing the federal government for their best interest, with no regard for those of us who facilitated their rise to power. That’s called being a patsy. A pawn. And for what? Getting thousands of coal and heavy industry jobs? Making life harder on LGBT Americans and women seeking abortions? Saving unborn babies is noble, no doubt. Killing young children by proxy, poisoning your family and neighbors and toxifying our planet for your grandchildren doesn’t seem like a plus side trade-off for conservatives.
Those responsible for this administration will be dead before the repercussions are truly felt. That’s the real tragedy and irony. Bloviating about jobs and greatness and winning. The little guy taking it back from D.C. Insiders. Sounds great; too good to be true. It is. Elites swindled your future for profits today. You get your nickel, to be sure, it’s what was promised. But it wasn’t enough, it never was and you never knew what their end game was. You weren’t supposed to.