Seat Cushions for Back Pain

Seat Cushions for Back Pain
What To Avoid & Our Top Recommended
Sitting Pain
Say goodbye to back pain from poor sitting posture
Are you looking for a way to relieve back pain and keep it away? An orthopedic seat cushion is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to do just that.
Orthopedic seat cushions promote overall back health by helping you maintain better posture while providing support for your lower back and helping to keep your upper body in alignment.
It’s easy to slouch when you sit at a desk all day or have a job that requires a lot of driving. Poor posture is one of the main causes of back pain. And it’s something a good orthopedic seat cushion can help correct – near effortlessly.
Seat cushions can be used whenever and wherever you want to sit. You can carry them in the car, the office, and to outdoor events. It’s the perfect way to keep your back safe and healthy.
You’ll be amazed at the immediate relief and comfort you feel with an orthopedic seat cushion.
When Purchasing an Orthopedic Seat Cushion…
Orthopedic seat cushions can vary widely in appearance. And until you get it home and try it out it can be hard to know how it will work for you. That’s why you should avoid seat cushions that don’t promote the following:
Encourage your spine to align properly.
Relieve pressure from your tailbone, lower back, and buttocks.
You will find that many seat cushions have a cut-out space at the center of their rear edge which serves to lessen tailbone pressure. Others are shaped like two flattened ovals with an inverted groove in the middle, directing pressure away from the tailbone and the spine.
You’ll notice that the rear part of an orthopedic seat cushion is often thicker than the front part, a feature that reduces lower back pain and promotes good posture.
Things to Consider When Choosing a Seat Cushion…
Seat Cushion Materials:
Foam – Designed to ease pressure on the back, these cushions are made of nylon foam pads or polyurethane foam.
Memory foam — These cushions memorize the contour of your body and conform to that shape for maximum comfort and pain relief.
Gel – Made of a special copolymer which provides support and helps eliminate painful pressure points.
Seat Cushion Forms:
Wedge – An easily portable cushion that prevents slumping, and tilts your back and hips the correct way. Can provide back support in your home, office, car or even on a flight.
Chair seat – A simple and effective cushion placed in your seat to keep your hips elevated and back posture correct while reducing pressure on your tailbone.
Lumbar – A portable lumbar seat cushion provides good support to your lower back region, plus stability to prevent poor posture and back pain.
Back support cushion – This seat cushion helps you build spinal strength while sitting down. It provides support for the entire back, including the lumbar and coccyx.
Special Features:
Removable covers – Foam seat cushions may include a removable cover made from a washable material such as cotton or fleece.
Built-in heating — A heated seat cushion can provide you with immediate warmth to soothe aching back muscles.
Massage function — A built-in massage system can help relax sore muscles and relieve tension in the back while increasing blood flow.
Other Benefits of Choosing a Seat Cushion…
There’s a lot of reasons why a good seat cushion should be part of your arsenal of tools against back pain:
Low Cost – A seat cushion is one of the most inexpensive back pain solutions. You get comfort and support at an extremely low cost.
Flexibility – The flexibility of a good back support cushion ensures you get complete back support with the right shape molded regardless of how bad your sitting posture may be.
Usability — If your job involves long hours of sitting at a desk or driving you can use the cushion even if you have absolutely no pain. The cushions easily fit on seats of different shapes.
Mobility — No other orthopedic support is as mobile as the seat cushion. You can carry them almost anywhere — it’s like carrying around your back’s new best friend.