Shelly Gregoire is the future of the Republican Party in Michigan

Shelly Gregoire is the future of the Republican Party in Michigan. I will always stand up for my political sister! Everyone should follow in her footsteps! I’m very proud of you, Shelly 🙂
To the people of the great state of Michigan,
I’m writing on behalf of a wonderful warrior for liberty from your state, Michelle “Shelly” Gregoire. She has been in the trenches fighting for you daily. Shelly is 26 years old, a wife, a mother of three, a full-time CNA taking care of many patients, and all the time she has left she is fighting for you. You may have heard about her last year when she ran for the Michigan State House. She hit the ground running and blew the door wide open on many issues affecting you and your state. She has been very vocal on several issues and is widely known for her mantra, “Free the Mitten”, because the shape of Michigan looks like a mitten.
Shelly’s tough-as-nails attitude and fiery passion for politics is exactly what Michigan needs. She’s always been the underdog and never gives up. She keeps hitting back and every day she’s always standing up for something you should get behind and become involved in. I have become so inspired by what she’s done that I decided to write this letter to you. She’s recently been working on a campaign and when those people working for the campaign wanted to give up, Shelly kept the ship together and got everyone to continue working hard. She’s donated her own money and time standing up for the people of Michigan. She is the embodiment of what liberty is all about. She was on the front pages of the paper when Rand Paul ran for President. She was on the front pages for the Second Amendment March. She was at your state capital standing up for you. Regardless of what political avenues she takes in the future, everyone in Battle Creek and all the surrounding areas should get behind her and join her in whatever course she decides to take. I look forward to seeing a bright and prosperous future for the people in Michigan. I know that if Shelly is fighting, Michigan stands a chance. The beacon of liberty will always be lit with Michelle Gregoire.
Michael J. Oehling, Jr. (R-PA) Buffalo Township, Butler County
Two-Term Incumbent Butler County Committeeman and Candidate for Buffalo Township Supervisor