So. I am going to vote when I’ve finished this cup of tea, but I still don’t know who to vote for. It’s like the USA in October, there isn’t a good leadership candidate among them. Do I vote for the best Brexit deal – May gets this one, No Deal is better than a Bad Deal. If we sign a bad deal then we close the door to negotiating and we’re stuck with it. No deal leaves the door open and both parties can keep coming back to it. Corbyn wants to join the Single Trade Policy at any cost – Europe has already said that this will only happen if Free Movement is kept – so no immigration control and Spain has said that it will not agree unless we give Gibralter back to them. Or, do I vote for what’s best for me and mine. I’m a pensioner and don’t like the idea of the triple lock and heat allowance being scrapped and I’m really worried that I will have to sell our house to fund health and welfare care when we get to that point. We have saved for all our married lives and invested those savings into our property, only to let someone take it away.