So, yesterday LipSense became the OFFICIAL product used by every company on Broadway in NY….because our products really are that good!
Plus, this happened to one of my SeneSisters…
“Hey summer! So I was at mac with a friend on Saturday when they were giving away free lipstick….and I noticed the prices dropped dramatically since the last time I was there. I questioned one of the workers and her reply…” freakin Senegence”!!!!! Apparently LipSense and our other products have rocked macs world so much that they can’t compete! They are literally dropping prices and giving away free lipstick to try and lure people in! I told the mac person I sold senegence and did the lip swipe test (wearing fly girl) and sold her a kit on the spot”
Watch out world, we’re coming for you!
(Oh, and that gorgeous lady on the jumbotron in Times Square is one of our Aussie distributors!! How awesome is that??)