Spent the day at Women Moving Millions Annual Summit

Spent the day at Women Moving Millions Annual Summit, run by Jacquelyn Zehner, to organize women’s wealth in service of non-profit and for-profit ventures that benefit women and girls. There are still unconscious and conscious biases that perpetuate unnecessary and damaging struggle for women across the globe.
I spoke on the angel investing panel with the esteemed Deborah Buresh Jackson of Plum Alley, Sonja Perkins of Broadway Angels, Kristin Hull of Nia Global Solutions, and Wendy Anderson (investor) and Diana Sierra (founder) of Be Girl. The panel, mostly investors, engaged in a fascinating dialog around the diverse ways you can angel invest — for financial returns, social impact returns, with a “gender lens,” and the dissolve between how those are measured or even at odds, and how you consider that.
After the panel, I was pleased to give extra hugs and share added laughs with Worth Financial shareholders Suzanne Biegel, Kristin Hull and Ruth Ann Harnisch. These women put a LOT of money where their mouths are when it comes to investing in women and deserve as much laughter and hugs as we can bring them.
This post would not be complete without thanking Brit Britt for taking care of my daughter, enabling me to be here. It takes a serious village of powerful women to tackle gender inequality.