Success leaves clues ✌

Success leaves clues ✌
You want to know the best news you will hear all day? If someone else has accomplished something that you want, YOU CAN DO IT TOO!
Figure out what they did to get there… and go for it.
Nature doesn’t play favorites! Ditch the scarcity mindset, stop being jealous of those who earned their accolades, learn from them, and get to WORK.
Do you have doubts on how you want to become successful…whatever that means for you – financial or career success, an Elite coach, or become a 6-figure earner? Simply put, YOU CAN. You have been given the roadmap, your game plan, and have others who have done it before you to learn from.
Why am I confident you can do it? Because I’ve done it, and know what it takes! WORK and CONSISTENCY and HEART. What of the “what if’s”?! There are unlimited variables or excuses you can tell yourself – but those are lies. If I have done it, and hundreds of others have done it and are doing it YOU CAN TOO and it’s truly that simple. Life doesn’t play favorites. You have to change your mindset, believe, be determined, be consistent, do the work, and just go for it! When you do this then over time you will see results.
Where most people fail, is they don’t get immediate results and that instant gratification we all have a tendency to desire. We give up when it gets hard, and fail to see the best is yet to come when we stay the course!
Then comes the question about “if it’s really that simple, Marsha – then why isn’t everyone a top coach?” Well that’s an easy answer too…. Same reasons why not everyone in the world is a self-made millionaire. They don’t believe they can be. They aren’t passionate about what they are doing. They aren’t putting in the work and/or being consistent.
If you want something bad enough find someone else who has already done it or done something similar and study them and implement what they have done in your own life.
I’m reading a book called the Miracle Morning. The book talks of studies that have been done, of extremely successful people and how they start their day. Most successful people will start their day by waking up early and doing some meditation and visualization. I want to continue to grow and move forward from where I am today so I’m following the clues that have been left
Remember it’s the tiny little things that are easy to do but also easy not to do that really bring the biggest results over time.