The Best Fashion Resolutions For 2015

New years are always so exciting particularly as they bring with them a mountain of possibility. It happens every year, when January comes around we all begin to pledge to do a million and one things differently and make endless changes in a bid to make this new year even better-then the last.

From losing weight to bettering health habits to meeting new people; every year we all make a number of different New Year’s resolutions and fashion resolutions are no exception. OK, so as blokes we aren’t perhaps as tuned into the world of fashion as women; we don’t watch what every celebrity is wearing and we don’t work around the clock to ensure we can easily pull off Kim Kardashian’s style. A number of us are however paying closer attention to the latest trends and what the latest designers have to offer each season in a bid to ensure that if nothing else, we always look fly.

With a new year underway however, many people have their fashion resolutions in place to make this year one that’s full of style! Below are some of the best resolutions I’ve come across…

  • Be Brave – Honestly I think it is safe to admit that when it comes to fashion, women are far braver! Whether it’s something bold and brash, bright and daring or even shocking; women are fashion leaders because they’re never afraid of taking the plunge so for that reason one of the best resolutions this year is to be a little braver. Whether it is a colour you wouldn’t normally wear, a new style or perhaps even something straight off the catwalk; why not make this the year that you try something a little bit different?
  • Out with the Old – If you’re anything like me you’ll find something you love and hold onto it for dear life but this year why not be brave and throw it out? Whether it’s a t-shirt or a pair of designer jeans, if it’s over five years old then why not consider replacing it with something new? This is a great resolution and an ingenious way to brighten up any wardrobe.


  • Skin is in – OK, so unlike women we have no makeup to help us and that can be a little worrying on a bad day, which is generally not really helped by the fact that as a population us guys fail to really have any kind of solid beauty regime. This year why not change all that by making one of your resolutions; good skin-care? There’s nothing unmanly about it and frankly, a well-maintained man looks after his skin… you think Bond looks like that naturally? Skin-care is important to us all and by changing your attitudes on this, you’d be surprised as to the change!

A new year is a fantastic time to change things up, especially if you’ve been looking for an excuse to change things up! When it comes to fashion, us average blokes are probably not the bravest and most daring of the bunch so consider one of the above resolutions or create one of your own to ensure that if nothing else, this is your most stylish year to date!