The Best Prom Dress Color For Your Eye Color

Do you know that the color of your prom dress plays a major role in flattering your eye color? This means that wearing an outfit the flatters your body figure isn’t enough; you also need to wear an outfit that flatters your eyes. If you are wondering what you should wear, here is a guide:

Blue eyes

The outfit that you wear can make your eyes look darker or lighter. To highlight the blue in your eyes you should wear an outfit that has a shade of blue. To make the lighter flecks in your eyes to stand out, you should wear an outfit that has a lighter blue color.
If you want your eyes to have a deeper hue, you should wear a dress that has a darker blue color.

The Best Prom Dress Color For Your Eye Color1
Other than blue, you should also consider wearing an outfit that has shades of pink. The good side with pink is that it contrasts your eyes thus making your eyes pop out more.
One of the colors that you should avoid is black. This is because black makes your eyes lose their warmth and friendliness.

Green eyes

If you have green eyes you are on the lucky side as you can wear dresses of different colors and still look very elegant. While you can wear outfits of different colors, there are some colors that are great for you. One color you should consider is green. Wearing an outfit that has shades of green will make your eyes look greener and dramatic.

The Best Prom Dress Color For Your Eye Color2
Other colors that you should consider are light pink and purple.

Dark brown

For ideal results you should go for outfits with neutral colors such as white, ivory, and cream. If you want to highlight the different tones of brown in your eyes you should go for coffee-colored hues or creamy light browns. It’s also wise that you experiment with different shades of brown and see the one that will look great on you. You should also consider trying different shades of orange.

The Best Prom Dress Color For Your Eye Color3

Light brown eyes

The best color that you can go with if you have light brown eyes is orange. If your light brown eyes have flecks of green, you should experiment with dresses with different shades of green such as olive and moss. If you want a brighter color you should go for teal, salmon pink or peach.

The Best Prom Dress Color For Your Eye Color4


These are some of the ideal colors of the dresses that you should wear with your eye color. Regardless of the outfit you wear, always ensure that it’s of high quality.