The mainstream media is causing the American people to riot against our new president

The mainstream media is causing the American people to riot against our new president.
Obviously the media which is owned by the Elitists who control everything you see and hear want Trump to fail. I mean for those of you who don’t know. George Soros lost BILLIONS trying to get our economy to fail.
These people have no fear of consequence because they have more money than the National Debt we are in as a country.
It would make sense for them to want a president to fail who could end the socialist approach they’ve implemented over the past few decades where there’s more for them (The REAL owners of our country) and less for the everyday people.
They don’t care about you, simply put. They just want you to feel emotion and put attention on Climate Change and LGBT/Civil rights (all of which are important matters) while turning a cold shoulder to things that matter for the entire world, like our Economy, Foreign Policy, and taking care of our country FIRST!
So before you brainwash yourself by the media that has so far directed you into a life full of struggle, give the other side a chance before you write it off as a failure because “Fox or CNN” told you so. Remember these same people on Election Day said there was “NO possible way Trump could win the election” and he won in a landslide.
Let’s let the man WORK, and whether you like him or not, he’s our president and will be for the next 4 years. Let’s come together and focus on making this country the power it used to be before we allowed this phony “democracy” to screw things up.