Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun
Who would ever imagine that (umm faiz) will end up like this, I don’t even know how to start
This is a sister that whenevr you see her, all what your lips can mumble is (ma sha’a Allah). She was a hafeezah. She memorized the whole of sahih bukhari, al bidayah wan nihayah and riyad al saliheen!
The first day I saw her, I can’t forget it so easily, it was at an islamic conference program about 8yrs ago! I also remember the day I met her again in a masjid while she was teaching not less than 200 brothers and sisters a chapter in bulughul maram! She teaches people with her whip/ blaller in her hands, a tall nikobite! She had d structure of a man, tough and strict with a thick voice but when she recites, its ma sha Allah. Even during her uni days, she didn’t procrastinate, she went to BUK
I remember the day I was told that she single-handedly beat 2 christians in her class for calling her a terrorist, the 2 guys woke up in the school clinic, alhamdulilah the case was judged in her favour bcos of the timely intervention of some muslim lecturers! She is the type who buys gifts for people, both the young, old, fat, slim, sisters or even brothers! She doesn’t need to know you before she buys you a gift, she may just see u along the road, make tasleem for you, give u a book and zoom off! I remember she was the one who bought and taught me the first chapter of umdatul ahqam years back when I visited their school! She was from an average family, her family where all christians but She became the sabab for her family to accept islam all at once!
She feeds beggars in the street, she picks every sharp objects she comes across and disposes them off, she would alight from a taxi not bcos that’s where she wants to alight but bcos she wants to go and correct a wrong someone is doing by the road side! She busied herself with street da’wah!
Once, a friend of hers asked her about social networking, she said; I am not condemning It and I am in no position to do so, but I can’t do it bcos of the more serious things and I wonder where people find time to chat all day when death could be so close, moreover what have I done for islam?
Her real name was aaliyah but people knew her as umm faiz or umm katamba!
She would weep when teaching people, she would weep when admonishing sisters! She had a unique way of talking, she would be like:”Look at this leaf, don’t u know it glorifies Allah? Look at this stone, it recognizes its lord, why have u forgotten ur lord? Look at the sky, don’t u see how beautiful it is? That’s d greatness of Allah, look at d sand, how dry it looks, yet ur body whom u adorn daily was made from it
This words and the likes are d choice of words that umm faiz normaly use, as soon as she meets u on d road, she starts telling u about nature and the majesty of Allah, she doesn’t need to see you committing sin before she starts admonishing you, her arabic was smooth and fluent, she memorized many songs by scholars in arabic, songs about adab!If u are with her, she alwys reminds u about Allah, she never observes salat in the masjid, except that she weeps! She did ruqyah for many sisters, she bought jilbab and nikab for many, she once threathened a lecturer who deliberately failed her! She was fearless! She once washed the dead body of her younger cousin sista, I heard she had a kaffan (white cloth for shrouding the dead) in her room in her hostel to keep reminding her about death! Ya salam, I wish you all knew the sista am talking about, merely seeing her is a naseeha!
Her character speaks louder than her words, she wrote some articles about islam, she was one of the best students in her class! Despite all this, if you were to ask her a question concerning the deen, she will always tell you (la adri–i don’t know).
But the sad story is, after
all this, our dear sister APOSTATED! What a fitnah befalling the ummah!!!
What a moment of reflection !!!!!!
After she graduated, people used to say while she was serving, she had a christian friend who was so close to her, people were worried as to how she became so close to this unbeliever while she is strict to some muslims especially men!
She served in the same place at a secondary school wit this christian guy! Gradualy her hijab began to reduce and she started using make-up, she removed her niqab, so she then embraced christianity bcos of this guy!
She ran away from home, her mobile lines were not going through anymore but she was spotted at lagos at a night club! As at 3 months ago, her dad died of stroke as a result of this, her mum developed high blood pressure; she was their only daughter!
The sad story is, I was told yesterday evening that she died 3 days ago in the evening in a hotel during maghrib time in port harcourt while she was in bed with a man!
The man ran out of the room in a suspicious way so d hotel attendants caught him, though autopsy test made on her shows that she wasn’t poisoned or strangled in any way, but the man said, she suddenly died while they were both intimate!
Naoudhubillahi min zaalik SubhanAllah!
This was a sister who was always the first to enter the masjid for salat even before the muadhin, now she was commiting zina while maghrib salat was going on? Indeed no one is safe from the lures of shaitan!
The prophet (SAW) said, a man is likely to follow the religion of his friend, so mind whom you choose as friends!The prophet also said, the way you live is the way you will also die!
A cousin of umm faiz said that umm faiz was charmed by the outstanding handsome nature of the christian guy who led her astray! For those of us who still keep kufar as intimate friends, learn from this story, strengthen your al walah wal barah!
Imam ibn jawzi (RA) said, learn from the stories of those who existed before you, before you become a story for those who will exist after youUmm faiz was a sister who rejected d proposals of many brodaz bcos none of them was a haafiz, I wonder what was in the appearance of the christian guy
that she couldn’t see what was better in muslim brothers.
This reminds me of the statement of a companion!Abdul ahi ibn masud said,Indeed you see a disbeliever with the healthiest body and the sickest heart, you will also see a believer with an unhealth body and the purest heart, I swear by Allah, if your heart is sick and your body is healthy, you will be more USELESS to Allah than dung beetles. (Al fawaid, page 213)
How good was the timing of
her death but how evil the way she died! The angel of death was destined to meet her at maghrib time, IF she was still a muslim perhaps she would have died while performing maghrib salah, but alas, d angel of death met her at maghib time while salat was going on bt she was fornicating in a hotel!
Audhubillahi min suu’ill haatima (we seek refuge in Allah from such an evil end) Ameen
The Grave is calling……! Listen very very carefully! Oh son of Adam! I’m full of darkness so bring with you the light of Salaat. I’m a place of fear, so bring with you the peace of Al-Quran. I’m full of snakes and scorpions so bring with you the Sunnah of our Beloved Prophet (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wasallam). I’m full of punishment so bring with you the reward of charity/sadaqah.
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