The New Testament Church did not tithe

The New Testament Church did not tithe.The New Testament does not teach tithing for Christians.Their favorite Malachi verses cannot be used for Christians since Christians are not under the law of Moses.Abraham’s one off tithe of his war booty did not set up a precedent for Christians to regularly tithe their income.The version of tithing they teach cannot be found in Scripture (see below).The “Storehouse” in Malachi cannot be equated to your local church organization.There are plenty of rich (money wise) Christians who do not tithe. This would be impossible if their version of tithing was true.The New Testament teaching is that you decide how much to give, and there are no rules about where it goes. You cannot be compelled to give.
It may come as a surprise to learn that their tithing doctrine is a combination of twisted scriptures and wishful thinking, as opposed to solid Biblical exegesis reflecting a central thrust of New Testament teaching. Here is their tithing doctrine stated in a nutshell:
“Christians must give ten percent of their gross income only to their church organization. If they do, then God will bless them for any offerings they make to the church organization beyond this ten percent. But if they do not give ten percent gross, then they are stealing from God and God will curse them.”