This morning

This morning, a friend of mine evaluated the state of affairs with me and my computer and asked Professor Enrique Gomez to look at it. He did. He came this morning and hauled my computer to WCU where it was tested. Professor Gomez contacted me to say that: my hard drive is about to die and has several damaged sectors. He is willing to repair it for me, and of course, it is going to be expensive. That is a problem for me. However, I am going to assume that I will find the money to pay for the repairs since the only option is for me to sign off Facebook and shut down my computer. Professor Gomez is willing to undertake the repairs on Thursday. In the meanwhile, I am going on a search for folks who might be willing to use me as a storyteller and entertainer. I have been telling stories for forty years and I need to do about six performances at $150 a pop.
I would appreciate any help I can get. Stay Tuned.
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