This teams got 3 or 4 people in the starting 5 that refuse to share the ball on a fast

This teams got 3 or 4 people in the starting 5 that refuse to share the ball on a fast-break unless its the occasional alley oop. If you can’t trust your own team to give you the ball on the break, or even in half-court, when you’re open, who can you trust? These guards would rather shoot(With 2 or 3 people in their face) at the wrong times, and then pass, rather than looking to pass the ball when you draw guys to you, or for the cross-court jumper at the 3point line when they fly wildly into the middle(Ala Goodwin!) and run the other team for a offensive foul! I don’t see any real improvement in these guys, except that Noel is the consistent force down low, but has absolutely NO HELP down low, everyone on our team plays spectator, even when they forget to guard the opposing players and Noel has to come and help out, AGAIN! The offense is a collection of standing still parts, with no fluidity & purpose, so how can Cal expect anything to be better. This is the weakest shooting, guarding, zone, full court press, inside/outside force, etc, that we have had since Gillespie was here and we had Joe Crawford and Rajon Rondo! I like what these guys could be, but there will be NO room come next year for all of them to play on the court with the kids we got coming in that are mostly better than they are right now! I know, maybe they can doing all that standing around and playing spectator like they do on the court, and do that stuff from the BENCH like John Hood and everyone has to do now! I don’t know wy John doesn’t get anymore playing time for Cal, Jesus Cal, he deserves a shot(Former Mr Basketball for Christ’s sake!), especially when your playing all these guys that are under performing like they are. John’s way better than Polson, and can shoot, he’s also better than Mays too. I think the starters should set more often, Coach K isn’t afraid to do it, don’t be afraid Calipari, come on man! I hope we make it to the NIT! Goooooo Cats!