Touch Not My Anointed

Touch Not My Anointed!!!
Yesterday I made a post about reading the Bible regularly IF you are a Christian and I made it clear that ANYBODY can fall and mess up anytime regardless if you a pastor or not-
As expected some ignoramus who probably never read a line in the Bible came to my inbox to warn me of the consequences of writing about ‘men of God’ who in his estimate are supposedly untouchable, can do no wrong and are highly anointed-he ended by quoting the above highly abused scripture just like some hungry ‘MOG’ will rush to quote Mal 3:11 when he wants to dispossess you of your hard earned money! I laughed loud at his show of Ignorance!
Every Christian is anointed by God to break down walls of the enemy, when you become born again, you are automatically anointed, anointing is not the preserve of any particular person regardless of his/her position in church, be you a church sweeper or usher or bishop or anything in church, once you are born again-you are anointed! Also if you read Isaiah 45:1, God will even anoint a total unbeliever to carry out specific assignments-go argue with your Bible…!
Furthermore-if you care to study this part of the Bible very well-(1 Chronicles 16:20-23 and Psalm 105:13-15)-you will discover that the statement was made directly to God’s people on missionary journeys who were facing one persecution or the other!
When any shepherd, church leader or anyone begin to pontificate about anyone not touching anyone’s anointing-begin to be very wary of such people-they probably have been touching what they are not supposed to touch or being dipping unholy hands into private luscious orifices-Shut them up with your knowledge of God’s word
For your Information- AM ANOINTED TOO!!!
Good Morning and have a blessed ANOINTED WEEK