Unfreinding Grammar Nazis

Unfreinding Grammar Nazis
It’s my New Year’s resolution and so far I’ve done it to three people since January 1st. I mean, through all the political hostility I have not unfriended a single person, even when they shouted names at me. But I draw the line at exploiting my handicap.
I’m dyslexic.
Which means I cannot see spelling errors. Especially on a mobile device. Especially with Siri deciding what words I meant to type. But still there are people out there who think they are saving Western Civilization by pointing out misspellings and punctuation faux pas. Like “there” and “they’re.”
Get a life.
Making fun of a dyslexic’s grammar or telling them to use spell-check is like telling a cripple that they could walk if they really wanted to.
Even if you are not aware of the person’s handicap, correcting spelling on an imperfect mobile platform like Facebook is just RUDE. It’s a low-blow to disempower the point or comment, which someone thought was worth risking embarrassment in posting in the first place.
Imagine doing it in a face-to-face conversation: “I don’t feel good.”
“No… You don’t feel WELL.”
So, if you want me to unfriend you, go ahead…
…corect my speling.
PS: It has not gone unnoticed by me that the majority of the Grammar Nazis I see on FB are middle aged and un-married.