Very honored that Babe Ruth’s family is supporting my first novel

Very honored that Babe Ruth’s family is supporting my first novel.
Tom Stevens, Babe’s Ruth’s grandson, has written a foreword to “Saving Babe Ruth” which will be included in the book. See below.
(Here I am pictured with Tom (center) and his son, Brent (left) in 2014).
“My grandfather, Babe Ruth, loved children. He thought that every boy should have the opportunity to play baseball. As originally conceived in the 1950’s, the Babe Ruth League was intended to provide organized baseball for 13- 15 year olds during the summer, something that did not exist at the time. Following his death, the Babe’s widow and my grandmother, Claire Ruth, spent much of her life promoting Babe Ruth baseball across the country, traveling as far as Anchorage, Alaska to do so.
Sadly, events similar to those described in Saving Babe Ruth are transpiring not only in Upstate New York, but all across America today. Based on true events, it’s a great story and a must read for teen players and their parents. The unfortunate truth is that as elite baseball teams flourish, they often do so at the expense of organizations like Babe Ruth League. Today, as a result, many boys and girls at every age level who do not play at the ‘elite” level, or whose families lack the considerable resources required to participate, are once again left with no options for playing baseball.
Thanks to dedicated individuals like Tom Swyers, Saving Babe Ruth has a happy ending. The countless volunteers who so tirelessly work to ensure the success of Babe Ruth League are the lifeblood of the organization. On behalf of the Ruth family, I wish to offer a heartfelt ‘thank you.'”
Babe’s grandson, Tom Stevens