Sometimes we can hear or read about someone making a name for themselves doing something we could do just as well or even better. The temptation is to feel a pang of regret or even jealousy, and perhaps launch into doing it ourselves. It could be writing poetry, singing, writing a novel, or even a new career.
Big mistake.
Instead of following in the footsteps of others, it’s more useful to use the impetus of that ‘jealousy’ to drive what we should be doing for ourselves. In my early 20s I took up selling because I saw others making a decent living at something I knew I’d do just as well.
I had success. Made money, and even made a name for myself. But it distracted me from pursuing a career in writing. I even passed up the chance to become a feature writer on the Evening Standard. At last I can spend all my time writing. If only I’d started earlier.
How about you?